I use an aesthetic of sensual imagery to convey my personal
version of the human, and particularly feminine, experience.

I love to challenge, and frequently cross over the lines which contemporary art has drawn around itself. Poetry, music, shamelessly pretty pictures, sensibilities that typically fall outside of the realm of ‘serious art’ are often the foundation of my work.

Using an intuitive process, I gravitate towards the images and events occurring in the everyday of my life, choosing moments to magnify and examine. My pieces often become installations that provoke on many levels, as I attempt to close the viewer’s escape routes, gently and insistently inviting the viewer to join me in my questions.

My personal presence is essential as the work explores my efforts to find understanding in the way I relate to the relationships and events of my life. I frequently use familiar cultural references, thoughtfully twisting them, re-creating them within my own frame of reference. I exploit naiveté, and with a blend of playful, sensual and haunting images, the work comes together to create an image of the life of the artist.

To the viewer, I offer my perspective as a reference point, a landing point or perhaps a departure point. I have learned that ultimately it is a point of reference that is far less about me as an individual and far more about what it means to be human, in this world, at this time.

— Kristina Campbell