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A Rework well done.

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Well it’s up, and it works! Beautifully! I am so glad that I made the effort to rework this piece. Even if I don’t use the interactive aspect again, the video is so much stronger. Dallas Duobaitis, artist and workshop participant, gave me the most potent piece of advice: exaggerate the colour differences between the different video segments. Between that, and the much more powerful projector, the piece just popped. Our artist reception is August 9th at the Open Space Gallery, 510 Fort Street, 7 till 9. There are 8 impressive and inspired pieces of interactive video installations to view. Come join us as we celebrate!

Symposium & Crossing Channels

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Went to the symposium at Open Space last night, which also included the launch of Catlin Lewis’s new book, ‘Crossing Channels – Essays on Contemporary Media Art in British Columbia’. Catlin is the programming director at MediaNet, and has also curated a number of exhibitions of media art. I was so pleased to be included in her book. Eventually Catlin would like to set up an on-line directory of the video artists included, showing some of their work. This would go a long way to making the art of video artists more available for viewing. It’s a perpetual problem, trying to see the work of other video artists.

Open Space

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Canadian video artist Deidre Logue has an exhibition at Open Space, Id’s It. I love her work, so straightforward in many ways, but at the same time I don’t think I have responded so viscerally, both physically and emotionally, to someone’s work before. She spoke at the symposium at Open Space and one of the things that she said was how important it was to her that the work wasn’t really about her, despite the fact that she is the subject. I understood what she meant by that, her videos transpose her experience onto the viewer. Another artist who was part of the discussion group, whose work I also really admire, is Farheen Haq. Her work is much more biographical, and she has the most beautiful sensibility. Her videos are lush self-portraits. I always find it fascinating to consider my own work in relation to other video artists; points of agreement, points of departure. I am often surprised by the commonality of themes, it just confirms to me how many of us are struggling to understand the same issues of memory, myth, place and identity. I only wish that it was easier to access the work of different artists. It’s pretty protected, understandably, but it’s frustrating.

Upgrading the skills

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I have started the interactive video course that is sponsored by Medianet and Open Space, Video M.A.G.I.C. It’s similar to Video Lab which I did last summer. We spend a few weeks learning about the possibilities of interactive video, inspired by the workshops and the speakers, and then we get to put it all into practise and build our own interactive video piece. The workshop this year is spread out over a few more weeks, to give us a little more time, especially as some of us have quite a bit of work to do. I want to re-do my piece ‘Pyre’ from the May show at Martin Batchelor as I wasn’t completely happy with the way it turned out.

My plan is to use a Kinect, for X-Box, to allow the viewer to change the video that is projected on the piece. ‘Pyre’ has a video collage representing the Chinese five elements, water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Not sure how it’ll work out, but I have a stronger projector to work with as well, and I’ll be able to control the amount of light in the space a little better as well. Scott Amos and David Parfit are our coding technicians, and I will be able to use some code that Limbic Media developed for one of their window projects at the G++ Gallery. We can start to build on Monday August 6th, and basically we have three days to get it up and running…no pressure.

What a night! Thank you all!

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Thanks so much to everyone who came out for the opening! What a fun night. One of the funny little things that happened that night is that I was standing in front of one of my nudes in Six Figures, talking to someone about the piece, and a man who was trying to look at it, asked me if I’d mind stepping aside so he could see it, not realizing that it was me in the piece and that I was the artist. It was pretty funny when he realized, and we all had a good laugh. Huge thank you to Efren Quiroz, from Exibit-V, who came to the opening to do an interview and video of the exhibition.

Check it out!