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Martin Batchelor has gone over and above, helping me to get this show organized and hung. It’s the day before the opening, and everything is up, and working. As difficult as I find it to mount an exhibition, I have to say that it is getting easier, practise, practise, and more practise. I am struggling a bit with how much of myself I am revealing, figuratively and literally! in this show. ‘Six Figures’ is being shown down the length of one wall, on 6 gilt-framed tv’s, all but one hung vertically. It’s amazing how much it doesn’t read as a television anymore, but really does reference the historical paintings that the piece is based on. The two sculptures, ‘Nest’ and ‘Pyre’ have completely transformed with the addition of video. It was pretty ironic to me that I recognized, only as we were doing the final install at the gallery, the significance of me re-building ‘Nest’ and ‘Pyre’ at this point in my life.

The first time I created a version of these pieces was 24 years ago, just I was getting married and having my first child. Here I am, years later, suddenly inspired to re-create them, right as my youngest child is leaving home, leaving me with the proverbial empty nest. The fact that I was blind to this fact for most of the time I was constructing them really is a testament to me of how subtly our subconscious can be directing things. Hind sight is 20/20. Adding the video component to the pieces really brought them forward into my current art practise though. I love the effect of the video on the egg. It actually looks as though it is coming from within the egg, not as though it is being projected onto it, an effect that I simply could not have anticipated. I love the size of the egg too, my dragon egg. It’s been fun looking through all of the videos I have produced over the past 4 years to choose those for the single channel projection. The loop is about 45 minutes long and includes all of my favorites. The opening for the show is tomorrow, May 26th, 7-9. Martin Batchelor Gallery, 712 Cormorant Street. The show runs till June 21st, Monday to Saturday 10-5.

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